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Our clients are broadcasters, producers and directors needing high-quality, cutting edge services for films, documentaries, TV, fiction and advertising: all-in turnkey underwater filming, with specialist research of particular species.

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Oceans film in New Caledonia
Making of
The logistics team from the film Oceans was up to the challenge. Surface and underwater lighting; creation of underwater scenes, tracking short....<br />
Encounter with the Polar Bear
Excerpt from the film The White Trap, produced by The Fifth Dream. Scene of the underwater and surface encounter with a polar bear. Directed by Thierry Robert, Alban Michon and Vincent Berthet. Music: Tristan Nihouarn.<br />
Sperm Whale Special Correspondance - French TV
Interview of one of René's collaborators, François Sarano, on his discoveries and his relationship with sperm whales.<br />
The white Trap
Making of
René was head underwater cinematographer for The White Trap, produced by The Fifth Dream. Footage shot under the ice pack, an encounter in the water with the polar bear, and an exceptional moment with a scavenging shark.<br />
Attack of birds, sharks and dolphins
An exceptional sardine run
These images were seen all over the world when released for the film Oceans.<br />
Oceans, the Film, scenes of the reef and sand
Oceans, the Film, scenes of the reef and sand.<br /> Sequences taken from the film Oceans - Zoom shot of the creatures that graze the bottom of New Caledonia and Australia.</p> <p>
France Television - René Heuzey's 3 favorite shootings
Facebook buzz - 3M views
French TV France 3 - Thalassa invites René Heuzey to present the 3 best shooting in his life. A baby sprem whale milking, a, underwater polar bear meeting and the Cosquer Cave exploration.

 “An Ocean of Life”


An Ocean of Life is a series of short-form,1’30” episodes, produced by Label Bleu. The series takes you plunging, deep into the heart of the Ocean, to meet its exotic inhabitants.

Each episode features an informative, enriching and original experience, observing amazing creatures in their natural habitat.

The choice of animals, alongside its light and humorous tone, makes the series suitable for a wide audience of all ages, ideal for museums, schools, airplanes programs and international distribution.

Available in both French and English versions, on DVD or for broadcast and distribution.

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An Ocean of Life, the jellyfish
Wildlife documentary
An Ocean of Life, the moray eel
Wildlife documentary