An Ocean of Life, The great white shark
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An Ocean of Life, The great white shark

An Ocean of Life is a series of short-form, 1’30” episodes, produced by Label Bleu. The series takes you plunging, deep into the heart of the Ocean, to meet its exotic inhabitants.

With a humoristic and light tone, this series is an original and enriching look at the surprising creatures that live in the Oceans.

Equally it is an opportunity to question, without being over-dramatic or pessimistic, the effect of man on the underwater world, and discover some of the solutions that man is trying to put in place to preserve it…

Species such as: anglerfish, jellyfish, dolphin, nudibranchs, shark, blue-skin fish, capon, octopus, seahorse, spirograph, hermit crab, grouper, sand-eel, St.Pierre fish, barracuda, corb, coral, bream, sperm-whale, mullet et pollution.

Special Jury prize at the 42nd World of Underwater Images festival

Exists in English, international diffusion rights are available.

Images: René Heuzey
Script: Didier Du Castel
Voice overs: Bernard Métraux, Céline Montsarat and Brigitte Lecordier
Recorded at: Studio 35 Paris Karina films Jean De Sagey
Music and Sound Design: Éric Bettens

Editing and Calibration: François Flohic – Editing assistant: Léa Garet
Directed by: René Heuzey
Thanks: Hugues Vitry, Yukimi Yamamoto-Heuzey and Aqualung