The team

The team

Each project is unique and requires the coordination and execution from a team of specialists.

According to the nature and complexity of filming, Label Bleu Production gathers the best underwater film crews:

Photography directors, 3D/Imax camera operators, sound engineers, archeologists, oceanographers, species experts…

Philippe Ros

Philippe Ros- directeur photo - realisateur

Director of photography, underwater technical supervisor, ergonomics expert, specialist in image acquisition chain and digital broadcasting.

Aldo Ferrucci

Aldo Ferrucci, instructeur plongeur recycleur

Internationally renowned rebreather instructor, Aldo is known worldwide for his knowledge and mastery of rebreather technology and usage.

Jean-Christophe Guerri

Jean christophe Guerri realisateur plongeur

Chief cameraman or head of underwater lighting, Jean-Christophe has more than 10 years experience in underwater filming alongside Label Bleu.

Philippe Le Meliner

Responsable logistique marine, directeur de plongées, Philippe est spécialiste des travaux d’accès difficile ou en hyperbare ainsi que des installations de pontons flottants.

Marine logistics manager, chief diving instructor, Philippe’s speciality is working in areas where access is difficult, or with hyperbarics, as well as the installation of floating pontoons.

Fabrice Guérin

Fabrice Guérin photographe animalier sous-marin

Prized by National Geographic, Fabrice is a wildlife photographer specializing in marine life. With a background in advertising, Fabrice ensures the still shooting and the artistic direction of certain Label Bleu productions.

Lucas Fox


Lucas is involved in the creation and localization of musical environments of Label Bleu’s productions. He also represents the company in international markets.

Jean-Eric Ducos

In charge of international affairs for Label Bleu, Jean eric is also involved in the organization of travel adventures proposed by the company.

Yukimi Yamamoto Heuzey

Yukimi Yamamoto Heuzey Label Bleu Production

Solo soprano – With finesse and grace, Yukimi lends her operatic voice to the songs in René’s productions.

Hervé Berthou

Hervé Berthou - Responsable marketing et digital de Label Bleu Production

After a successful business career, Hervé joined the Label Bleu team to further develop its digital communication.