We use Seacam underwater housings for our 3D HD and 4K shootings

Seacam C330/C500 are exceptional for 3D underwater shootings, especially for close ups. The Beam Splitter allows very close approaches, juste few centimeters. As the stereography needs to be as good underwater as on land, a #D real time monitor enables us to film with guaranteed result. The Panasonic BT-:H 910 G LCD Video Monitor is the state of the art technology in the world. Seacam is operative up to minus 150m and has been tested for up to 200m of depth.

Technical Data

The 4K is a 4K RAW Data file
Recording Length: 28 min, 512 Gb et clean RAW 1h15’ for 512 teras.
Compatibles Lenses: Canon 16 35 mm, 100 mm macro, 50 mm macro, 14 mm but only in 16:9 not in 2 or 4K.
Underwater 3D shooting can be quite tricky and need a minimum of two divers at a time. We do work with Roberto Rinaldi, underwater filmmaker and expert in SEACAM gears.


SEACAM C330/C500