We organise training courses for divers, wanting to turn their passion into a professional job, as well as those who want to improve their filming techniques on an amateur level. Minimum prerequisite: Level 2 qualification and basic knowledge of video filming techniques, and a medical certificate proving no physical restrictions to scuba-dive. You will be able to test the latest state of the art* underwater camera housing, cameras and lights, or just perfect* your technique on your own equipment.

Filming beautiful images is only part of the course, we will also enable you to edit your videos, the key element to successful filming.

  • Diving Safety
  • Underwater regulations
  • Film pre-production and preparation
  • Care and maintenance of underwater camera housing
  • Housing balance
  • Management of optical problems
  • Study of different lenses
  • Handling colour loss deeper than 10 meters
  • Filming in Natural Light
  • Filming with autonomous halogen lighting
  • Backlighting
  • Additional lighting, colour temperatures, halogen, HMI, LED
  • Camera movement
  • Still frame and travelling shots
  • Multiple camera filming
  • Underwater sound recording
  • Underwater filming with actors
  • Underwater filming with animals
  • Underwater communication
  • Underwater Lights from 6.500 Lumens to 30.000 lumens powered by 220 Volts
  • Underwater Lights from 50 to 30.000 Lumens powered by 220 Volts
  • Image editing on Final Cut X, Avid and Adobe Premiere

Next undervwater filming courses

July 8 to 12, Marseilles
July 15 to 19 juillet Marseilles
July 22 to 26 juillet Marseilles
July 29 to August 2, Marseilles
September 7 to 14, Egypt
October 21 to November 2, Mexico
December 20 to 28, Djibouti

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formation realisateur sous marin
formation video sous-marine - eclairage parachute sous-marin
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