When our crew is not diving with clients, we go on diving expeditions to film new images for our own productions and for our Underwater Image Bank.

These trips are exceptional because of the diversity of the animal species that we encounter in extraordinary environments and the state of the art technology that we use.

These expeditions sometimes require significant technical and financial resources. When we collaborate with organisations such as research companies or associations and NGOs, they often contribute to our expeditions with donations or help out with eco-volunteers.

A level 2+ diving level and being healthy physically, backed up with a medical certificate, are required to take part in these adventures. We are looking for friendly people with a good attitude, who share the core values that Label Bleu promotes.

December 2019 : Whale sharks in Djibouti

Spring 2020 : Sperm Whales Mission  : Leave a message for more information.

If you want to try an extreme Adventure with Label Bleu, please write to us detailing your motivations.

AN OCEAN OF LIFE – Ecological non-profit organisation

If you’re not tempted by our extreme Adventures, you can still join us on our project, ‘’An Ocean of Life’’ – Un Ocean de Vie, a non-profit, marine preservation, organisation.

You can contribute by participating in one of our expeditions in France or abroad: ‘Harbour Clean-Up’, ‘Beach Garbage Collection’ and ‘Underwater Zone Clean-Up’ campaigns are already underway with the participation of eco-volunteers, ambassadors, scholars, students, associations, companies and local authorities…

Visit our web-site www.oceansdevie.com to discover the different expeditions in which you could take part, or even to propose new ones. All help and initiatives are gratefully received and greatly appreciated.

Collecting just one piece of rubbish on our beaches is a small gesture for a great cause, and all together, a giant step for marine life!


Voyage de plongée sous la banquise